Death of the Tick Mark, Birth of the Sought-After Internal Auditor

How to Overcome the Obsolescence of the Traditional Internal Auditor

Internal auditing is a noble and independent profession that is meant to add value and improve the organization’s operations. But the traditional internal auditor is trending towards obsolescence… and most don’t even realize it. Eradicating the tick mark, and what it symbolizes, is the first step that will help us achieve leaps and bounds to making ground-breaking progress towards an industry-wide transformation.

ACL's very own Internal Auditor turned Chief Product Officer, Dan Zitting, gets up close and personal about his very own audit career, recalling the countless hours he spent creating and reviewing endless detailed workpapers… with endless tick marks. From feeling like the lowest common denominator in the room to realizing the need to change our perspective on auditing and how to drive real and quantifiable value in the industry — learn through an ex-internal auditor’s lens on how you too can become a sought-after internal auditor.

This publication highlights:

  • How internal auditors can become rockstars by efficiently spending their time on what matters
  • Where audit and audit technology are headed… what this means for you and how you can get ahead of the curve
  • Real-life rockstar auditor stories that will make you realize you’re either the one creating automation… or you’re the one who's being automated
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How to Overcome the Obsolescence of the Traditional Internal Auditor

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