The Finance Leaders Guide to Balancing Risk and Performance

Are there gaps in your ERP system controls?

Whether you bear comprehensive responsibility for the finance function or lead a part of the team focused on your own area of operational excellence, your role is fundamentally about balancing risk with opportunities to spur greater performance.

How can you be confident that the risks of fraud, error and abuse are being well-managed without getting in the way of achieving your performance objectives? Think about it: central to understanding where you stand is your reliance on what your ERP system is telling you. But it is difficult (almost impossible) to effectively control business processes and stop leakage from within such a complex platform.

In this eBook, we’ll share with you the finance leader’s guide to understanding the natural gaps in your ERP system—and the specific actions you can take to grab risk by the scruff of the neck so you can focus on maximizing performance.

This eBook will cover:

  • How to illuminate risks in finance and accounting systems
  • 7 Performance Hacks to improve risk management and performance
  • A Technology Buying Guide for risk and control management and analytic monitoring
  • How to understand the gaps in your ERP Systems

Are there gaps in your ERP system controls?

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