On-Demand Webinar! The Future of Government Analytics

In today’s public sector, recognizing how data behaves and having the ability to analyze behavioral data and patterns is increasingly important. However, for many government organizations connecting analytics with actionable insights seems to be the missing link. To meet the ever-growing demand of current and pending legislation—along with public scrutiny—governance professionals must be agile in their ability to leverage data to enhance productivity and add value to management.

Watch this 60-minute on-demand webinar where Nichole Gable, Senior Manager at Kearney & Company, and Nonie Dalton, Senior Product Manager at ACL, share their deep knowledge from working with public sector agencies and discuss:

  • Current and pending federal legislation around data
  • How to link insights with analytics for valuable outcomes
  • Trends in data analytics, robotic process automation and other technologies
  • How to select and leverage the best analytics tool for your environment

About the Speakers:

Nichole Gable, Principal, Kearney & Company, P.C., has over 14 years of experience performing audits and providing consulting services to public sector agencies. At Kearney & Company, a firm focused on providing financial management services to the Federal Government, Nichole is focused on innovating solutions for her clients that promote effectiveness and efficieny through the use of analytics and automation. Nichole holds both a B.A. and Masters in Accounting, specializing in Forensic Accounting.

Nonie Dalton is the Director of Product Managent at Galvanize. Nonie is an experienced product leader with a passion for connecting people with innovative technologies that help drive their success. At Galvanize, she is focused on defining and managing go-to-market strategy, and working cross-functionally to define product strategy. Nonie has has a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Business Administration, specializing in the management of technology.

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On-Demand Webinar! The Future of Government Analytics

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