Webinar: GDPR: How to establish a strong defensible position

With the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline fast approaching, many organizations, even those outside of the European Union, are struggling to figure out exactly what the regulation requires and where to begin. With the new rules leaving many details up for interpretation, including the way each organization contextualizes the implementation, monitoring and measurement of controls for their own environment, mistakes will inevitably be made.

The key to overcoming the initial hurdles of GDPR is for forward-thinking companies to build a defensible position — one that will allow the organization to quickly, easily, and definitively prove to regulators that risk mitigation actions have been taken to comply. While this strategy may not completely remove the risk of all fines and have every aspect of the regulation covered, it will help organizations build credibility with regulators, and establish a solid foundation to build upon as more consensus develops in the subsequent years.

In this 60-minute webinar, Phil Shomura, Senior Product Manager at ACL and Mike Watt, Solutions Consultant at ACL, will take a deep dive into how you can create a defensible position against GDPR by:

  • Leveraging technology solutions that will allow you to automate herculean tasks
  • Establishing a solid strategy, controls, and procedures
  • Creating a continuous-improvement loops to regularly update the organization’s compliance efforts and help develop industry gold standards
  • Securing executive endorsements and engage cross-functional teams, including IT, legal, operations, and business lines
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Webinar: GDPR: How to establish a strong defensible position

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