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Download eBook: 9 steps to IT Audit Readiness

The complexities of today’s IT risk and regulatory environment is constantly increasing, and IT professionals are finding it more and more challenging to stay on top of every regulation, remain audit ready, and safeguard their organization’s most important assets.

The idea of achieving and maintaining a state of IT audit readiness may seem impossible, but there are processes to help your IT department successfully maintain well-documented and well-managed controls while minimizing negative audit findings. Like most business functions, finding the right technology to achieve this is critical.

Download this eBook to learn how to:
  • Identify and assess IT risks and map them to controls,
  • Plan, scope, and stress test micro risks, 
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing controls,  
  • Capture, track, and report deficiencies, and
  • Create a continuous cycle of testing, monitoring controls, and addressing exceptions.
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Download eBook: 9 steps to IT Audit Readiness

7 steps for improving compliance processes
 that will seriously reduce the burden of ICFR/SOX/A-123 compliance

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