Watch On-Demand! Lessons Learned from Implementing a Financial Control Monitoring Program

Providing assurance that internal controls are working shouldn’t have to wait for a costly annual audit. And while continuous control monitoring can create a stronger control environment, finding the right balance between process controls and efficiency can often pose a challenge.

Learn how the City of Lethbridge realized their vision of automated continuous controls monitoring and discover key lessons they learned that you can apply to your own program.

By the end of this webinar, you'll be able to:

  • Develop a roadmap to build out your control monitoring program
  • Identify common challenges of implementing a control monitoring program and how to solve them
  • Identify the key steps involved in building a continuous controls monitoring program

About the Speakers:

Darrell Mathews, Financial Processes and Controls Manager at the City of Lethbridge, has over twenty years of accounting experience with 15 years of experience in developing, implementing and monitoring internal controls. In his current role, his primary duties include the development and maintenance of internal controls over financial reporting and development and implementation of financial policies and processes to support corporate or legislative requirements. He also oversees financial and managerial reporting requirements and provides direction on the development and implementation of financial systems. Darrell has had the opportunity to provide formal training to future accounting professionals in his past roles as a moderator for the CMA Strategic Leadership Program and a sessional instructor for the University of Lethbridge.

Nonie Dalton is the Director of Product Management at ACL. She is a veteran Product Manager, with a passion for innovative technologies that meet customers’ needs. At ACL, she is focused on championing solutions specific to customers, as well as contributing to the development of new features, market intelligence and product strategy. Nonie has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration, specializing in the management of technology.

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Watch On-Demand! Lessons Learned from Implementing a Financial Control Monitoring Program

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