Learn about the ACL and Rsam rebrand

About the ACL and Rsam rebrand

About the ACL and Rsam rebrand

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Founders Harald and Hart Will launched ACL back in 1987 – a time when floppy disks were the height of technology, gas was only 89c per gallon, and President Reagan famously demanded “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

So it’s safe to say times have changed, and so has ACL.

Over the years, we’ve evolved from “the analytics company” into an analyst-recognized risk management, compliance, and audit solution that unites all of these teams to a single platform. And—to continue to evolve our products—we recently acquired Rsam.

During all this evolution and growth, there was one thing that didn’t change: our brand. People still thought of us as “the analytics company.”  The ACL brand was no longer communicating all that we had to offer.

So a year ago, we got to work. We started researching and developing a new name and brand to better represent us. One that would reflect our company values. That would carry us into the future as we continue to develop innovative products. We landed on Galvanize.

Galvanize has two meanings that immediately spoke to us – to shock or excite into taking action, or to coat with a protective layer.

Galvanize tells our story. It communicates the protection that our integrated governance software solutions bring to security, risk management, compliance, and audit professionals. Galvanize positions us firmly in the tech industry to potential recruits and moves us forward from being “the analytics company.”

Learn more about Galvanize

Register for our webinar on April 24th hosted by Galvanize's executive team.

Rebrand FAQs

What will happen with the current Rsam and ACL products?

Our long-term plan is to integrate our products to create an end-to-end platform. Some of our first integrations will be available in May, and more information will be available as we get closer to that date. Initially, Rsam customers will gain new capabilities through ACL's dashboarding functionality, to provide CISOs and IT professionals better insight and transparency into their key areas.

The integrated platform is called HighBond, and it is the main platform that all our products live under. Some ACL and Rsam products will keep their current names for the time being, but this may evolve as we integrate.

Does this change access to my current products?

All Launchpad admins will be receiving separate communications about preparing for the rebrand. You can also read these technical FAQs to review what changes are coming. There is no change to Rsam access.

What about ACL Connections and the Rsam User Conference?

Our respective user conferences, ACL Connections and Rsam User Conference, will now combine as Galvanize Summit, and will be held April 22-25, 2020 at the Hilton Bonnet Creek in Orlando, FL. Our summit is inclusive for Rsam and ACL users and will include so much more than any of our previous conferences.
Learn more and register on our site.

 What about my certifications?

All your certifications will be retained. We’re reviewing our training programs and may make changes over the coming months. This won’t affect what you have earned currently but may involve a name change. 

What else is getting a name change?

Over the coming months, our programs and website will be getting a new coat of paint and a new name. We’ll keep you posted on any changes, but don’t worry, most updates won’t change the way we communicate. 

Who is Rsam?

ACL acquired Rsam in February 2019. Rsam, a market leader in governance, risk, and compliance management (GRC) helps organizations achieve their business objectives by overcoming the daily challenges of integrated risk management through innovative technology. Recognized for innovation in architecture, automation, and integration capabilities, Rsam particularly caters to vendor risk, IT risk, and cyber security solutions for enterprise IT and security customers.

What if I have more questions?

Please join our webinar on April 24th where you will hear the full rebrand story and ask any burning questions you have. Register now.

About the ACL and Rsam rebrand

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