Watch On-Demand! Automating Fraud Monitoring: Optimizing Your Approach to Detection

Last year, 22% of fraud cases caused losses of over $1M.* While cases vary, it’s often the right mix of people, processes and technology that create the perfect storm for fraud. Because organizations rely on a complex network of IT systems, processes, and a never-ending flow of information to conduct business, questionable or suspicious activities can be concealed in many different ways and places—making them difficult to identify.

Join us for this 60-minute webinar to discover the advantages of automating your approach to fraud monitoring and how to create an early-warning detection framework to proactively identify potential fraud, including:

  • How to apply data automation to key control areas for continuous monitoring
  • Best practices for developing standardized workflows for sustainable control monitoring and issue remediation
  • Ways to effectively communicate data from findings through dynamic dashboards and powerful narratives
  • Real-life stories and concrete examples of how to access and analyze data from different business systems

*According to the ACFE 2018 Report to the Nations

About the Speaker:

Adam Habberley is a Senior Specialist, Analytics, on the Customer Success team at ACL. With 5+ years of experience helping clients deliver effective audit analytics solutions, Adam has developed an in-depth understanding of ACL technology and is a sought-after expert both internally and externally.

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Watch On-Demand! Automating Fraud Monitoring: Optimizing Your Approach to Detection

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