Webinar: Death of the Tick Mark, Birth of the Super Savvy Internal Bank Auditor

In financial institutions, auditors are looked upon to provide assurance over the vast amounts of data the organization generates. These same auditors also need to ensure they’re making ongoing material contributions to the safe and sound running of the overall business.

But how do these auditors possibly find the superhuman capability to do everything? If they want to spend time auditing the big-picture issues that have a top-down effect, something has got to give. Eradicating the tick mark and what it symbolizes is just the first step in making groundbreaking progress toward industry-wide transformation and hitting regulator inspections out of the park.

In this webinar, Dan Zitting, Chief Product Officer at ACL and former Internal Auditor, covers:

  • What it takes to be a super savvy auditor in the banking industry
  • Actionable next generation audit techniques for financial services companies
  • Tools that will eliminate your 'tick mark time' and drive real value within your financial institution

About the Speaker:

Dan Zitting
Dan Zitting, ACL’s Chief Product Officer, is responsible for product management, design, and user experience for ACL’s industry-leading software products. He is dedicated to the advancement of productivity enhancing technology for the audit profession and is a three-time winner of the CPA Practice Advisor Magazine’s 40 under 40 and Readers’ Choice awards, and most recently has been named by Business in Vancouver as one of Vancouver's Top 40 under 40. Dan is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Information System Auditor and Certified Information Technology Professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University and a Master of Science from University of Notre Dame.

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Webinar: Death of the Tick Mark, Birth of the Super Savvy Internal Bank Auditor

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